Mail Order Bride Catalogue: How To Meet Perfect Mail Order Girlfriend?

Mail Order Brides: All Related Information About These Attractive Women

If you would like to marry an affable woman from another country, the good option, in this case, is mail order bride website. Such reputable websites allow singles men to find easy their love who is currently living in another country. Basically, there are beautiful women in different countries; they register their accounts on such websites, upload real pictures, add details about their personalities, and other aspects that can help men to choose them.

Please note that we call the best dating sites only the legitimate platforms that we have tested ourselves and consider the most convenient in our own objective opinion.

Marriage Agencies Services

You don’t buy a wife; you just check out a list with registered brides from different countries. Although usually, you have to pay for using the platform, that’s why some people think that this way you can buy someone. Imagine an agency, attractive women come there and ask a manager to receive their applications. Then they have photo shoots, and these photos are added to their profiles and the catalog. Then a man comes and asks to find him a blameless bride.

That’s precisely how the mail order wife websites work. Instead of a manager and an office, you have an online platform where singles register and have the capability to find significant others. The searching tools play the role of a manager in the office who helps to find the compatible candidate. You can also check the mail order brides catalog and find a perfect match for you to contact her.

Mail Order Brides

In this article, you will find out why this is a great way to find a foreign bride, what are the advantages of such an approach. You will also learn how to register and what you need to complete the registration. Below you will find several short descriptions of legitimate mail order bride’s websites and some tips on how to stay safe and not to fall the victim of a scam.

Please note that we qualify the sites as mail-order-bride-ones without consultancy with them, upon our own discretion. It does not mean that you cannot find your love there, but with no regard to special requirements to mail-order-bride agencies under applicable law.

Mail-order bride marketing is an international industry geared toward older men who wish to find younger wives, usually 18-25 years old. Many of these Mail Order Brides are from developing nations and have limited opportunities that cause them to seek marriages abroad where they can immigrate to another country with relatively no money or education.

Over 5 million Mail order brides are currently living in other countries throughout the world.

Benefits of Mail Order Bride Sites

There are several advantages that make this approach better than simply traveling to a foreign country. First of all, it’s easy. You don’t need to dress up, to find spare time, to book a restaurant, etc. You can always use the website on your phone, so you can reply to a message, like a photo, etc. So, even if you are so busy that you wouldn’t say no to an extra two or three hours on a regular 24-hour day, you will still have time to interact with the person you like.


Secondly, you save not only time but also money. We are not saying that you can buy brides online. Just traveling to another country and chatting with local girls can be expensive. Especially if you decide to find a wife in countries such as Japan, England, Germany, Switzerland. In this case, cooperation with a high-quality mail order bride agency will be as effective as possible.


Of course, many adult services offer great chat as a paid feature. And of course, you will want to send gifts or flowers to adorable mailorder girls, which will increase the cost of your monthly subscription. But it is still the most effective and high-quality method that will help you find the perfect partner and not spend a lot of money.

But this is not the only benefit. Let’s see:

You Can Find Singles Who Fit Your Preferences

When you approach a woman in a club, on the street, etc., you don’t know whether she is compatible with you. For instance, you love hiking, and she hates active kind of rest, etc. But if you are using a mail-order bride agency (website), you can pick someone who loves hiking. You can also choose that you are looking for a divorced European mail order bride since you also had been married. Or you can add other criteria, such as the age, level of education, country where she lives, etc.

Everyone Is Single

Mail Order Bride

If you don’t consider this to be an advantage, then you have never been in the situation when you approach a stunningly beautiful woman, you start flirting with her, you understand that both of you share similar view upon life and different topics. And when you have already decided how to name your daughter and son, it turns out that she is in a relationship or even engaged.

You Become the Master of Your Time

You save time. Many men are shy about approaching charming and attractive girls. It takes time for them to muster up the courage. Moreover, real relationships require energy, time, and emotion. And most importantly, you may simply not suit each other. In case you signed up for the mail order bride service, you get access to a large number of attractive women. These girls are family-oriented and have come here to meet a nice man who will become their partner.

You Save Money

We know that real relationships require money. Your partner wants gifts, attention, etc. You must remember important dates and other events. But if you are chatting with adorable girls on legit mail order brides sites, then your communication does not cost much. Of course, some services offer many paid features, but the segment leaders provide the largest set of communication tools at a nice price. Therefore, your path to happiness will be not only more convenient but also cheaper.

You Can Meet Mail Order Wives

If you always wanted to have a girlfriend who is, for instance, from Germany, Poland or Ukraine, the best way is to use such a website. There are different websites that cater to the interests of females from different countries. If you are looking for a bride from the US, you can find American brides for marriage on one of such websites.

Only People with Serious Intentions

The best way is to find someone who is also interested in international marriage. If you were wondering how to find a bride, now you know the answer. The reason why such an approach is better than simple dating is that everyone who registers on such dating websites is ready for marriage. It’s not a rash decision, women are mature enough to understand what they want from life. That’s why they are willing to work on their relationships hardier.

Low Divorce Rate

As it was mentioned above, people who register on such websites know what they want. They value family and want to create one, have kids, and become happy. That’s why the divorce rate is considerably lower.

Free Platforms Available

You can also consider free websites as a benefit, but they are certainly not the best. Free reputable mail order brides sites won’t offer you the best level of protection from scammers, hackers, or even viruses. Overseas brides free sites for free might be a scam, so be careful and register on reliable websites.

Mail order girlfriend

How Does It Work?

Before we proceed with the most popular and famous mail order bride sites, it’s best to find out how you can register and how does the matchmaking system works (in case it is provided by the site). The systems of all the websites are pretty much the same – they match a man and a woman with similar interests but considering their preferences specified during the search.

Create an Account

If you want to use one of such websites, you need to register. A little advice – you don’t need to pay for the subscription or credits right after you register. You have a short period where you can use it for free, although, you won’t be able to talk to anyone. But you can browse through profiles, read profile details, watch pictures, use the matching tool. Basically, you can try the most important features to buy a bride. If you like everything and you feel that you can find someone, you can pay for using the service.

Specify Your Relationship Goals

The usage is simple- you need to sign up, complete a questionnaire – that’s the most important. As it was mentioned above, the details from your surveys are going to be used by other members in their searches. So, if you want to achieve the best results and soon, don’t skip it. Everything else is pretty much the same as when you use Facebook or Twitter.

Learn About Price Plans

And how much do mail order brides services cost? It depends on the website if it is using the subscription system, then around 30 dollars each month. It would be cheaper to buy a yearly subscription since there is a small discount and a month will cost around 15 dollars. But let’s face it, if you need a yearly subscription, the platform is not the best. If the platform offers the credit system, the price will depend only on the number of credits you buy. But usually, the credit system is cheaper.

Trustworthy Mail Order Brides Websites

You can always find reviews on the Internet to make sure that you are using the most effective and trustworthy sites. But below you will find the most reliable platforms, and you can trust them.

FindAsianBeauty allows you to find brides mostly from Asian countries. It has a user-friendly interface and a stylish design. It’s free from ads and the developers are regularly implementing safety measures to make sure that no one gains negative experience to meet cheap mail order brides.

LatinWomanLove allows you to find a bride from Latin America mostly. Also, it is easy to use and protected from scammers well.

If you were looking for a bride from one of the European countries, you can use this platform.



A great choice if you like charming and adorable Asian brides or prefer coming and saying, “find me a wife”. Each profile is verified and well-detailed, so you can be sure that you are communicating with the real Asian lady depicted in the photos. What’s more, the company allows you to order a woman date and also helps you organize it.

Most of the female users on ColombiaLady are from Latin countries . If you were always attracted to women from this country, you could create an account.

Other Reliable Sites

There are other websites, such as,,, etc., that are reliable, easy to use, and protected from hacker attacks, and order a girlfriend online.

Some Tips That Can Help You


Each service has its own rules and prices. You can even choose a site that does not require a deposit and find a foreign bride free here. But there are some interesting features that will make finding the perfect wife more effective.


For example, we recommend filling out a personal profile. Add real photographs here, tell us about your hobbies, character traits, how you see the ideal relationship. Also, go through the verification procedure. This approach will increase your rankings and improve your search visibility. And the chance that other users will notice you and start communicating first increases.


Another important tip is to customize all available search filters. Because segment leaders have a large audience. Viewing the mail order bride catalog manually will be ineffective. The search algorithm will allow you to specify various parameters: the appearance of a potential bride, city of residence, character traits, zodiac sign, and other features. In this case, the path to happiness becomes more efficient and productive.

Safety Tips

If you are interested in falling in love, not in falling into a scam, then you need to be careful. Check out these tips, and they will help you to avoid scammers:

Configure Search Filters

Segment leaders have a huge mail order brides catalogue. And it will be difficult for you to find the perfect partner without help. Use a search algorithm. Modern sites have advanced programs that analyze many different parameters. You can indicate the girl’s appearance (height and weight, body type, hair, and eye color, etc.), character traits (attitude to serious relationships, having children, bad habits), and other aspects (city of residence, zodiac sign). Now click the search button and find out what matches the program will find. We recommend setting up as many filters as possible for the most effective selection.

Don’t Send Money to Strangers

Don’t send money, even if you hear a very sad story. Why would a person ask someone who is almost a stranger to lend him money? Most people won’t ask, scammers though would try. If the story is real, you can offer your help by visiting the country where this woman lives. If she doesn’t want you to come, perhaps, it’s a scam.

Use Protected Platforms Only to Buy a Wife

Use only reliable websites with a protected Internet connection. It’s not news that some untrustworthy people can steal personal data.

Questions & Answers

How to Find Mail Order Bride?

Now is the time to move from theory to practice. The path to the mail order bride takes several steps.

  1. Analyze well-known companies and choose a quality website with real mail order wives.
  2. Go through the registration procedure and complete your profile as much as possible.
  3. Customize your search filters, specifying all the parameters of the ideal bride.
  4. Use the program and see what matches the algorithm finds.
  5. Look at the profiles of the girls and choose the best option.
  6. Replenish your deposit and start chatting with the lady you like.
  7. Ask her out on a date when you’re ready.

Now you can get to know each other better and understand if the girl is suitable for the role of your bride. Good luck!